Bringing Welsh culture and awareness to Southern Califonia

our mission:


From rugby to singing to beautiful scenery and friendly people. Wales has a diverse and extremely interesting and ancient culture.

The country

See the breathtaking beauty and meet the people from "The Old Country". Experience the true welcome in the hillside.


At over 1400 years old, the Celtic Welsh language is one of the oldest in Europe. Try your best on some of the biggest tongue-twisters you'll ever come across.


To share our wonderful Welsh hospitality with Southern California!

The Welsh are a wonderful bunch. We really do "keep a welcome in the hillside" and we want to share that culture with our fellow citizens. We are a group of ex-pats, Welsh descendants and enthusiasts who are keen to extend our hospitality to all.

In the Welsh language we have the word"HIRAETH" - there is no comparable word in the English dictionary but it's literal translation is "The heart's longing for the place where the soul resides" It is this strong hiraeth that compels us to be open, welcoming and keen to share with one and all our friendship and traditions.


check out this site for information, local events and welsh culture.



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Become a WLSC member before March 27th 2016 for a chance to win a Linx 8-10 tablet with Windows 10 and an Intel Quad core processor.


The WLSC regularly put on Welsh themed events such as the Annual St Davids Day Festival, Noson Lawen, Gymanfa Ganu and Dylan Thomas night.